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What's Included In A

Spruce It Services Deep Cleaning

Deep cleaning includes a more detailed cleaning than a regular cleaning, touching more areas of the home and paying close attention to areas often untouched from a regular cleaning. Deep cleaning includes additional tasks such as washing of interior windows, shower tracks cleaned, dusting of blinds, cleaning the interior of the oven and fridge + more!

Kitchen Deep Cleaning

The Kitchen

Spruce It Services will clean counters, sinks, tables, stove top, interior & exterior of microwave, interior & exterior of fridge and oven (range hood and drip pans), and hand wipe exterior of kitchen cabinets.

Living and Sleeping Area Deep Cleaning

Living/Sleeping Areas

Spruce It Services will dust blinds, window sills, and light fixtures (within arms reach), mopping, vacuuming all rooms, washing of interior windows and sliding glass door (within arms reach), interior trash cans emptied and brought to outside trash can.


Spruce It will clean the vanity, tub, mirrors, toilet, shower tracks, hand wipe bathroom baseboards, and exterior of bathroom cabinets.