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Clean Your Dusty Ceiling Fans, The Easy Way!

Clean Your Ceiling Fans The Easy Way!

Cleaning your ceiling fan on a regular basis is a must-do task in order to minimize circulation of dust particles throughout the air in your home!  Let's be honest, we've all neglected to clean the ceiling fan at some point in our lives, only to discover an accumulation of dust bunnies taunting and daring you to clean it without making a complete mess. There are so many ways to do this chore, such as wiping down the fan blades with a rag or even using a telescoping rod with a ceiling fan dust attachment. Those are good ways of getting the fan clean, but may leave dust flying around your home. Here is a quick, clean alternative that would only require a couple of common household items.

Locate These Common Household Items:

Here's what you'll need to clean your ceiling fans


1. An Old Pillow Case - One that you won't mind getting dirty.

2. Step Ladder - To reach the fan blades.

Using the step ladder, safely climb up towards the ceiling fan while securing your position. Place the old pillow case around one of the fan blades, trying not to knock loose the dust that has accumulated. Once the pillow case is completely covering the full length of the fan blade, close the opening of the pillow case and slide it to wipe off the excess dust (apply enough pressure to the top and bottom of the blade to ensure the dust falls into the inside bottom of the pillow case and not all over your furniture and bed sheets!

Repeat this step for the remaining fan blades.


To Clean The Pillow Case:

First, discard the dust by emptying the contents directly into the trash bin. Next, once the dust is in the trash, simply throw the pillow case into your washing machine and give it a good washing. 


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