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Clean Up Pet Hair, Try This!

Clean Up Pet Hair With A Squeegee

Pet hair. The unsightly, embedded enemy of carpets, rugs and furniture. We know what you're thinking, "I already know how to clean pet hair, why don't I just use a vacuum cleaner?" Yes, you can use a vacuum cleaner... as vacuuming is a great way of cleaning up loose pet hair, but doggone it, it can also expel the remnants up into the air and redistribute them into other areas of our home and onto other surfaces. Also, pet hair can get deeply embedded into the fibers and there are times when vacuuming just won't cut it. Here's an easy way of cleaning up pet hair that's quite simply, the cat's meow.

Behold, the power of the mighty Squeegee!

Clean Pet Hair With a Squeegee

Easily found at your local dollar, auto or discount store, the rubber blade of a window squeegee will help loosen embedded pet hair for easy clean up. Simply take the squeegee and move it back and forth on your carpet or furniture, using the same motions as if you were wiping a window, and you'll quickly see how the pet hair accumulates and form clumps of hairballs! Continue this process until all of the hair is gone! This tool is also great for the seats and carpet of your automobile.

Pet Hair Never Stood A Chance. 🐶 🐱

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