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5 Ways To Clean Using Dryer Sheets

Raise your hands if you thought that dryer sheets were only meant to be used when you "dry your sheets?" It's okay to put your hands down now. Read below to find out 5 more ways to use dryer sheets around the house or office.

1. Use dryers sheets to repel dust longer than conventional dusting sprays. The anti-static properties found on dryer sheets are perfect to use when dusting around your home or office. Try them on your television &  computer monitors, dust down the blades of your ceiling fans, baseboards and window sills or just about anywhere that accumulates dust and you'll have to ask people to pardon your French from constantly rejoicing, "au revoir la poussière," to those pesky little dust bunnies! 

2. Speaking of bunnies... pet hair can accumulate around the house fast. Try swiping dryer sheets across wooden floors, furniture &  upholstery and even clothes and you'll be amazed at the wonders of what a little dryer sheet can do to remove fallen pet hair!

3. Buff your mirrors with a used dryer sheet and wipe down your shower doors in a circular motion to prevent water stains and soap scum from forming. This trick is best used when the mirrors or doors have a bit of condensation on them; you can do this after taking a hot shower and you've let the steam work its magic. After doing this a few times spread out over several days, the coating on the dryer sheets will form a protective barrier to guard against water stains. Wax on, Wax off my dear friends!

4. While you're in the bathroom, dryer sheets are great for polishing the hardware. Wipe down sink faucets and handles to get the grime off. Easy peasy.

5. Deodorize. One tip is to deodorize your trashcan. This tip will help when you're in a pinch and only have regular bags. Simply drop a dryer sheet at the bottom of your trashcan and then put your trash bag on top of it. Also, leave a few in your drawer full of clothes or in your closet to deodorize the space and leave your clothes smelling as fresh as if they came straight out of the dryer! 

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